Servicing Prices

What mechanic services does Chappelli offer?

In our Melbourne workshop we offer servicing and bicycle repairs on Chappelli Cycles as well as a wide range of other brands. In our Brisbane and Sydney workshops we can only service Chappelli bicycles at this time. All our staff are experienced bicycle mechanics each with over 5 years working as a bicycle mechanic and we offer bicycle services and repairs from a simple tube change to a more comprehensive full service


Basic Service from $59 (Free first service for Chappelli’s) 

Maintenance Safety Checks

– Tyre Check for wear and correct PSI pressure

– Brake Calliper Adjustment

– Gear adjustment (front & rear)

– Chain lubrication

– Bolts & nuts tightening

– Headset greased and re-tightened

– Brake pad re-alignment

– Spoke check for damage & rust

Detailed Servicing from $99

Basic Service plus

– Lubricate Brake & Gear Cables

– Wheel Re-Alignment & Truing

– Drive chain re-greased

– Cleaning brake surfaces on rims

We can service all road, city, commuter and children’s bicycles. However we do not offer full services on Mountain Bikes at this stage. The prices for services do not include any replacement parts required.

Other common workshop services

  • Tube replacement $15 (exc tube)
  • Rack installation (front or rear) $30
  • Baby seat installation $30
  • Handlebar tape wrapping $25
  • Changing over handlebars $25
  • Re-Boxing a bicycle for transit $50
  • Building a bicycle out of a box $50
  • Brake Installation per brake $25


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