How does a NuVinci Hub work?

About the NuVinci® Hub

The  Chappelli NuVinci® infinitely variable hub bicycle which is the product of a collaboration with Fallbrook Technologies. It has been designed specifically for the fashion conscious bicycle aficionado and combines state of the art internal NuVinci hub technology with beautiful handmade artisan bicycle crafting.

Our standard NuVinci range takes our usual light-weight CrMo frame and quality parts and combines them with the revolutionary NuVinci hub to create the perfect commuter bicycle. Our Platinum NuVinci bicycles are for those looking for something even more special. They are hand built  and come with beautiful hand painted light-weight CrMo frame with chrome stays,  gorgeous detailed lugs and leather grips and leather saddle.   However the NuVinci hub is the real marvel of this bicycle.

The NuVinci® hub designed allows the rider to effortlessly shift between gears as easily as changing a dial on a radio. You simply turn the grip shifter to find the right level of gearing for you. The hub provides a 360% ratio which is equivalent to about 10 speeds on a traditional geared bicycle and means that you can find the right gear for almost any terrain. The mechanism means that no longer do you face issues of clanging gear changes, body jolts and chain slippages. Instead your ride becomes silky smooth, making for a more comfortable ride.

NuVinci Ratio Comparison Table

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