The Chappelli NuVinci Bicycle Range

Chappelli Cycles has expanded our range of NuVinci bicycles to four different models:

The NuVinci Standard (Uni-Sex)

One of our most popular bicycles, this is an absolute joy to ride. Since launching this on the worldwide market in 2012 this has become a must have bicycle for commuters and serious urban cyclists looking to move away from jolting and grinding gear changes and constantly changing gears. The dial system of changing gears is so smooth that you simply won't be able to ride anything else after. A must ride. 

The NuVinci Women's (Step-through frame)

Just like the NuVinci standard but in a women's frame. This is new for 2016 and has been brought out after strong demand for women for a great looking women's commuter. 

NuVinci Disc

The NuVinci Disc is an upgraded version of the standard NuVinci with disc brakes, internal cabling, maxxis refuse puncture resistant tyres, mudguards and the all new upgraded NuVinci 330 hub. It has been carefully designed to be the perfect commuter bicycle, offering a seamlessly smooth ride, superior stopping and unique style. 

NuVinci Platinum

The NuVinci Platinum is a high end custom NuVinci bicycle custom built to your size and colour specifications. It is hand built using colombus steel tubing and chrome lugs. It is a beautiful piece of kit and it was the bike that won us the international design award in 2012. Its now been updated with the latest version of the hub and upgraded components but the unique style and absolutely beautiful ride is still the same. There are only a handful of these bikes in the world and they are truly unique. We only make them to order so contact our Sydney warehouse for more information. 

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