5 Reasons to choose an internal hub

5 Reasons you will love internal hub gears: 

1. Shift gears anytime – Whilst stopped or moving, no more taking off in wrong gear and great for commuters

2. Simple to use – Only 3 or 5 gears to use but with the range of 6 or 9! Imagine a stair case with large steps instead of lots of small steps. Only have gears that you actually need. Don’t stress about being the wrong gear.

3. Low maintenance – Internal hubs protect gears from rust, dirt and knocks so are easy to maintain. They need very little servicing compared to derailleur gears which can need constant attention particularly if they get knocked about or our of alignment. 

4. Ride in style – Gears are all contained in neat hub so no derailleurs and a beautiful simple look

5. Avoid losing your chain  – Internal hubs won’t ‘throw’ their chain like derailleur gears so no having to get off your bike and getting your hands covered in grease

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